About solv.ai

About solv.ai

At solv.ai, we understand the importance of aiming high but taking sensible, practicable steps to achieve our goals. The company was created by two tech veterans who understand the power of artificial intelligence and its application to businesses processes. Our aim is to optimise how any business can communicate with their supply chain.

Both founders have backgrounds in the procure-to-pay, e-invoicing and digital cash domains. We therefore understand the pain points within business-to-business and supply chain communication. Within procurement, logistics and finance there are many opportunities for efficiency gains. solv.ai’s solutions will create value across the entire procure-to-pay life cycle.

Our solutions are conversational applications that can communicate with suppliers over a number of different ‘channels’. Your suppliers can connect to you, using tools that they are most familiar with. We support tools such as email, Skype or any web page, and we also have plans to include Facebook (for business), Slack and Skype for Business.

Artificial intelligence is not new phenomenon and has a long history. However, it is our opinion that Artificial intelligence as a service is commercialising AI. Consequently It takes domain experts with enough creative thinking and know-how to apply the technologies in the most appropriate way.

Over the years we have focused on helping Accounts Payable, Finance and Treasury teams. Our experiences have helped inform solv.ai’s first products resolvr™ and resolvr:email. These solutions are the first Natural Language Processing applications dedicated for accounts payable teams.