Benefits for Buyers and Suppliers

Benefits for Buyers and Suppliers

What are the benefits for Buyers and Suppliers? 30% of Accounts Payable’s time is spent talking with suppliers. This is because queries are constantly raised over the phone or email regarding invoice status or payment. Our solutions help your Accounts Payable team answer these queries by using conversational artificial intelligence based technology that understand natural language and provide appropriate responses.

Suppliers can chat naturally with resolvr™ asking questions such as… “what is the payment date for invoice xxx?”. resolvr™ understands the natural language and therefore works out what the supplier needs to know. resolvr™ finds the invoice information in question and then then chats back to the supplier. Consequently, a typical reply would be “your invoice xxx will be paid on the 18th March.”

This is all done without asking the supplier to join a portal. recognise the low adoption rates for web-based portals, therefore resolvr™ ensures suppliers can communicate using tools they are most familiar with, such as Skype™, Facebook or email.

Benefits for Buyers:

  • Experience up to 75% reduction in time taken to respond to supplier queries
  • An enhanced Supplier experience with access 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Immediate responses to suppliers
  • A simple and secure one-way integration with your system of record (ERP)
  • Meet (and improve) your internal service level agreements for supplier responses
  • Finally, resolvr™ is a low-cost solution that reduces your internal costs. With 100% return on investment guaranteed

Benefits for Suppliers:

  • resolvr™ is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Supplier experience an immediate response to queries
  • Suppliers can continue to use email for queries
  • Suppliers can use other tools such as Skype™ or Facebook to communicate with you
  • There are no portals, meaning no extra admin and therefore, no fuss!
  • Finally, resolvr™ has no fees, its free to use for suppliers