How does resolvr work?

How Does it Work?

30% of Accounts Payable’s time is spent talking with suppliers. This is because queries are constantly raised over the phone or email regarding invoice status or payment. So, how does it work? Our solutions help your Accounts Payable team answer these queries by using conversational artificial intelligence based technology that understands natural language and provides appropriate responses.

Suppliers can chat naturally with resolvr™ asking questions such as… “what is the payment date for invoice xxx?”. resolvr™ understands the natural language and therefore works out what the supplier needs to know. resolvr™ finds the invoice information in question and then then chats back to the supplier. Consequently, a typical reply would be “your invoice xxx will be paid on the 18th March.”

resolvr:email™ works in exactly the same way. However, this time rather than communicating by chatting the supplier just sends an email in the normal way. Consequently there is no fuss and no hassle for the supplier.

After your organisation provides with a few fields of data from your ERP, resolvr™ is ready! has different integration solutions options available, or we can support your integration effort through our partners.

After integration, you direct suppliers to contact resolvr™ for any queries regarding invoices, purchase orders or payment. This frees accounts payable staff to focus on more value-add work.

resolvr™ is an artificial intelligence learning system, as time goes on, resolvr™ learns to answer more complex questions and tasks, helping accounts payable streamline their processes and enhance communication with suppliers even further.