How to spend less time talking with your suppliers

Supplier Queries are very excited and proud to bring you or first products, resolvr™ and resolvr:email™. Our products are easily installed low-cost solutions that remove one of the major headaches for Accounts Payable departments – supplier enquiries. So, how do you spend less time talking with your suppliers?

resolvr™ is a conversational application that communicates with suppliers over a number of different ‘channels’. With resolvr™ suppliers connect to you using the tools they are most familiar with, such as Skype, Facebook (for business), web-chat, Slack or Skype for Business. Consequently using resolvr™ is easy, suppliers simply add it as a contact in 2 clicks.

resolvr:email™ helps your company answer supplier email queries. Email is the simplest method businesses use to communicate with each other, and one that is used by your organisation today. Therefore we recognise email as a channel and use it to answer supplier queries on your behalf.

Suppliers can chat naturally with our solutions asking questions such as… “what is the payment date for invoice xxx?”. resolvr™ understands the natural language and therefore works out what the supplier needs to know. resolvr™ finds the invoice information in question and then then chats back to the supplier. Consequently, a typical reply will be “your invoice xxx payment will be on the 18th March.”

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