We help your Accounts Payable team resolve invoice payment queries


resolvr™ helps your company answer supplier conversational queries. This is all done without asking the supplier to join a portal. solv.ai recognise the low adoption rates for web-based portals, therefore resolvr™ ensures suppliers can communicate using tools they are most familiar with, such as Skype™, Facebook or email.

Suppliers are asked to join the resolvr™ community with a simple web link. From here, they can add resolvr™ as a contact in Skype (for example) with 2 clicks. Once the contact is added the supplier is asked a few authentication questions, this is to ensure the user represents the company that you are doing business with. Once authenticated, they are free to use the system.

At its simplest level, resolvr™ will answer free-text enquiries such as “what is the status of invoice GB00023 with ABC company”. Our natural language processing (NLP) engine works out what kind of document is being referred to, and what kind of question is being asked. resolvr™ then provides an appropriate response based on the data you have given us. Suppliers will be able to do this for invoices, purchase orders and remittance information.

resolvr™ has many other features and functions that make the supplier’s life easier, such as querying “all invoices” to show all active invoices in the system with which customer. They can also ‘raise an issue’ with any document if they see something amiss, which automatically sends an email to the original document owner. resolvr™ currently only uses English language, but is built for multi-lingual and multi-currency use. We will be adding German and French in 2018.