We help your Accounts Payable team resolve invoice payment queries


resolvr:email™ helps your company answer supplier email queries. Email is the simplest method businesses use to communicate with each other, and one that is used by your organisation today. We recognise email as a channel and use it to answer supplier queries on your behalf.

The solution processes emails and passes the body text to our natural language processing (NLP) engine. The NLP works out which kind of document is being referred to and what kind of question is being asked. The solution then provides an appropriate response to the supplier based on the data you have given us.

resolvr:email™ provides the same responses as resolvr™, therefore suppliers are able to raise queries for invoices, purchase orders and remittance information in exactly the same way.

Suppliers can send normal emails asking questions such as… “what is the payment date for invoice xxx?”. resolvr™ understands the natural language and therefore works out what the supplier needs to know. The solution finds the invoice information in question and then then chats back to the supplier. Consequently, a typical reply will be “your invoice xxx payment will be on the 18th March.”

resolvr:email™ has many other features and functions that make the supplier’s life easier. For example asking to view ‘all invoices’ to show all active invoices in the system. They can also ‘raise an issue’ with any document if they see something amiss. Doing so will automatically send an email to the original document owner. resolvr:email™ is currently available in English. However the solution is built for multi-lingual and multi-currency use. We are adding German and French in 2018.